The Less Thin Edge of the Wedge

status viatoris – being ‘on the way’/being in a state of pilgrimage

Pros to life in Italy – the freshly laid hens’ eggs and other local delicacies that my landlady keeps forcing on me.

Cons to life in Italy – the little old Signora I met on the village street who told me I should walk the dog more, because I’m too young to have such a fat tummy.

Me thinks there might be a correlation at work here.

Which reminds me of a nomadic gesture I omitted from the list, but which I found myself using just the other day. It’s from Spain, and I’m guessing it’s not used here, judging by the very blank reception it was met with. Here goes:

“Try and imagine the polar opposite of Status Viatoris.”

“What, tall?”


“Ummm. Workaholic?”


“Ah, you mean…”

“Go on.”

“Someone who isn’t remotely built like a person happiest in a comfy spot up to her elbows in Dairy Milk?”


Fold all your fingers into a fist, just leaving the little finger sticking up in the air. Show the back of the fist and pinky to who ever you are talking to, to emphasize that the subject of your natter is – flaca, seca, como un palillo, ie VERY VERY THIN!!

This is Status Viatoris, dropping crumbs all over her keyboard, in Italy!


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2 Responses to “The Less Thin Edge of the Wedge”

  1. An admirer Says:

    Just walk somewhere else to avoid the Signora (or does this mean you won’t pass the choccy shop?).

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  2. statusviatoris Says:

    It’s a dilemma!


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